Tecnosulfur’s Internal Week of Occupational Accident Prevention (SIPAT) took place on June 03-07.

In the 11th edition of SIPAT, we had lectures on “Food Safety” by Rosângela Maria, “Heritage Safety” by the Military Policy of Sete Lagoas, “Traffic Safety” by Nivon Valério, “First Aids” by Clébio Dean, “Personal Planning” by Mércia Maria e “Domestic Safety” by Cláudio Lera. And all these subjects were chosen by the collaborators before the event through a poll.

CIPA (Internal Commission of Accident Prevention) set a contest of phrases that should contain the words Occupational Safety and Tecnosulfur. The winning suggestion, “Tecnosulfur e segurança no trabalho: o valor da vida é a nossa maior qualidade” (Tecnosulfur and occupational safety: the value of life is our greatest quality) was created by employee Jovelino Rodrigues de Andrade Filho, Maintenance Mechanic.

The schedule of the games included soccer, shuttlecock, truco, and pool tournaments. As special events, we had our first table tennis tournament and mini-marathon that took place in Lagoa da Boa Vista.

The theatrical plays could not be left aside, since they have relevant information that is conveyed in an entertaining way. In this SIPAT, the plays addressed subjects such as: the issues resulting from the use of drugs, hands protection, occupational accident prevention, financial control, and the importance of a good relationship in the workplace.

The most remarkable moment of the XI SIPAT was the scavenger hunt. All Tecnosulfur’s employees and service providers were split up into four teams: yellow, green, blue, and red. This way, the participants had to put into practice their knowledge on safety, create battle cries, and show their artistic talents. At the end of the scavenger hunt, all teams and many charitable institutions had won, since one of the tasks was to collect food and winter clothes. The result was 5,400 kg of food and a great quantity of winter clothes. Such a great effort and generosity enriched even more the SIPAT 2013.

The 4 teams of the competition: Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red

On the last day, we held a “round table” comprised by Tecnosulfur’s directors Mr. Geraldo Paixão and Mr. Marko Uhlig, Ângela Rodrigues (Tecnosulfur’s People Manager), Ana Célia (Psychologist of company Âncora Consultoria e Treinamento), and Flávia Rodrigues (Social Development Manager of Funilândia and lecturer in the behavioral area), who discussed the subject “Motivation” with the collaborators that were present. In addition, Tecnosulfur paid homage to the employees providing 5, 10, 15, and 20 years of good services to the company. The final act was performed by laid-back humorists from Minas Gerais, Caju and Totonho, followed by a get-together dinner.

SOURCE: Tecnosulfur Communication

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