Tecnosulfur’s Internal Week of Occupational Accident Prevention took place on October 01-05.

Before the event, CIPA (Internal Commission of Accident Prevention) set a contest of phrases that should contain the words Safety and Motivation. The winning suggestion “Segurança no trabalho e motivação: mistura que faz toda a diferença” (Safety in the workplace and motivation: a mix that makes the difference) created by the logistics sector and PCP employee Márcio Almeida, was the subject of SIPAT 2012 of Tecnosulfur.

The schedule begun with the soccer tournament. On the first day, we had a lecture on “Near misses” given by Safety Engineer Claudio Aparecido Lera dos Santos. After that, workplace gymnastics and a theatrical performance called “Minha vida” (My life), which caused us to reflect on the importance of following the safety rules and the dreadful consequences of an occupational accident. To end the day, we organized a foosball tournament.

On October 02, subject alcoholism was addressed by Group Alcoholics Anonymous. After the lecture on Alcoholism Prevention, one more play called “Show do Chico Santos” (Chico Santos Show) and at the closing, a pool tournament.

To begin the schedule of the third day of SIPAT, nothing better than talking about sedentary lifestyle, which is the culprit of many severe diseases. The lecture on sedentary lifestyle prevention was given by Physical Therapist Marco Antônio Câmara. After that, we enjoyed a moment of workplace gymnastics and games. And we finished with a truco (card game) tournament.

On October 04, all Tecnosulfur’s employees were advised by Nurse Eurilene Maia on the importance of preventing prostate cancer and breast cancer. Then, the company’s talented ones enriched our Talent Contest with music, parodies, and jokes. On that day, we had a Playstation game tournament.

The last day of SIPAT 2012 was marked by the great lecture “A arte de ser leve” (The art of being light) given by Journalist Leila Ferreira. Tecnosulfur paid homage to the employees providing 5, 10, 15, and 20 years of good services to the company. We brought our event with a perfect end with the stand-up performance by Thiago Carmona and a get-together dinner.

Source: Tecnosulfur Communication

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