Based on the estimated need for steel within the next few years by the automotive and civil construction market, taking into account the expected works for the 2014 World Cup, Tecnosulfur has widened its production capacity by constructing Sinter Plant II. The inauguration took place on August 10, 2012, with the presence of its collaborators, clients, suppliers, and community where it operates. With investments around 25 million Reais, the company’s monthly capacity implemented for producing sintered synthetic slags has grown from 1,500t to 5,500t, representing an expansion around 18% in its industrial park, located in the city of Sete Lagoas – MG.

Tecnosulfur’s sintered synthetic slags are used mainly to promote the removal of undesirable elements in the steel (S and non-metallic inclusions) and prevent hydrogen pick-up. These are applied in ladle furnaces having excellent spreadability, also exercising other relevant functions in the second refining of steel, such as: protection of the liquid metal by preventing its contact with the atmosphere and, consequently, the absorption of undesirable gases and reduction of the thermal losses, making the drop in temperature to which the steel is subject controllable; they prevent the exposure of the electric arc of the electrodes during heating in the ladle furnace, thus reducing the wear and tear of the refractory lining and vault; tap to tap reduction and consequent reduction in the electric energy consumption; coating in the ladle, which increases the life of the refractory lining; reduction in the flicker effect in view of higher stability of the electric arc.

The new Industrial Unit is equipped with a station of receipt, storage, dosage and mixing of raw-materials, pelletization and ongoing sintering (with cooling system), as well as systems for treatment and classification of the sinter product (crushing and sieving). It is worth mentioning that the entire implemented system, from the receipt of the raw-material to the loading of the finished product, is completely automated and has a strict quality control of its processes and products.

Focusing on a sustainable production, the unit is provided with a complete dust removal system, assuring that the particulates emission level always remains below the values set forth by the legislation, besides the installation of a biodigester that will treat all the effluents generated by the company, allowing for all treated water to return to the industrial process, thus eliminating the use of natural water in the sintering process.

inauguraoMr. Helmfried Lechner – Member of the management board of Tecnosulfur and Technical Director of Sinter Plant II, Mr. Marko Uhlig – Director of Tecnosulfur, Mrs. Ines Kolmsee – President of SKW Group, Mr. Geraldo Paixão – Founder and Director of Tecnosulfur, Mr. Geovani Garcia – Industrial Manager of Tecnosulfur and Technical Manager of Sinter Plant II.

Source: Tecnosulfur Communication

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