With over 20 years of expertise in liquid metal treatment, supplying the national iron and steel industry by providing products, equipment, and services, Tecnosulfur S/A showed its know-how at the 43rd Steelmaking Seminar – International. As the company hosting the event, which took place on May 20-23, in Belo Horizonte (MG), we counted on a stand in the exhibition area, presentations of technical-scientific works, and paid homage to our Process Manager, José Flávio Viana.

The opening ceremony begun on Sunday, at 5pm, with a lecture given by Tecnosulfur and acknowledgement to the industry professionals and homage paid to Engineer José Flávio Viana (Tecnosulfur), for his valuable contribution to the development of Metallurgy and creditable participation in the activities of ABM.

Assorted schedule

Contributing to the dissemination of technical-scientific knowledge in the mineral-metallurgical-mechanical industry, the schedule of the 43rd Steelmaking Seminar – International, which was very comprehensive and diversified, dealt with the market needs, opportunities aiming at improvements in the steelworks process to reduce costs. Besides, this environment is favorable for narrowing relationships between clients and suppliers, bringing opportunities of new business and new partnerships and technological update.

Tecnosulfur’s technical works presented during the event:

May 21st, at 2pm: Estudo das características de fusão das escórias sintéticas sinterizadas / Melting point study of chemical sintered slags – José Flávio Viana (Tecnosulfur), Marcos Aparecidos dos Santos and Darlan Lourenço (Tecnosulfur), Sayd David Farage, José Roberto de Oliveira (IFES).
May 22nd, at 11:30am: Avaliação da viabilidade técnica da utilização de agentes dessulfurantes à base de carbureto de cálcio contendo sodalita em substituição à fluorita / Evaluation of the technical feasibility of using desulfurizing agent based calcium carbide containing sodalite replacing fluorite – Marcos Antônio da Silva (Tecnosulfur) and Luiz Fernando Andrade de Castro (UFMG).

About ABM

ABM – Associação Brasileira de Metalurgia, Materiais e Mineração (Brazilian Metallurgy, Materials, and Mining Association) – is an institution that congregates the main iron and steel plants, non-ferrous metal (aluminum, nickel, copper, and zinc) companies and mining companies across the Country.
Courses, seminars, conferences, and publishing and design allows for spreading technical-scientific and management knowledge in the metallurgy, materials, and mining areas, comprising more than 5 thousand industry professionals and academic and scholars and researchers, and 100 business associates (companies, universities, and research centers).
Existing for nearly seven decades, its national footprint covers 17 regional branches in strategic points across Brazil.

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Picture: Stand of Tecnosulfur as the company hosting the 43rd Steelmaking Seminar – International of ABM

Source: Tecnosulfur Communication

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