Tecnolsufur – a manufacturer of solutions for liquid metal treatment, located in Sete Lagoas (MG) – has decided to upgrade its datacenter aiming at decreasing the interruptions in the IT systems, which used to be of up to two days per annum, and reducing costs related to hardware, energy, space, and maintenance. The company’s decision was to migrate to a virtualized environment, with solutions and services provided by Dell, which increased four times the company’s storage capacity.

The previous datacenter included 16 servers supporting the business operations, such as ERP, inventory control, traceability of products and costs. However, the applications used in the remote offices, in Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo, had not been designed to provide high availability. And, as the company grew, the number of stoppages related to the IT environment also increased.

Based on these findings, Tecnosulfur decided to upgrade its datacenter. One of the project requirements was to keep the Dell equipment. “We considered the excellent service Dell’s after-sales department provides to its clients”, justifies Gustavo França Fonseca, Tecnosulfur’s IT Supervisor. “Another important factor was that Tecnosulfur wanted to run its datacenter in a sustainable manner and Dell products are compliant with the international standards for energy consumption efficiency”, he adds.

Dell’s Consulting Services team reviewed Tecnosulfur’s demand and created the virtualized environment, which consists of Dell PowerEdge R815 servers with AMD processors and SAN (Storage Area Network) Dell Equallogic PS4000XV iSCSI. Switches Dell PowerConnect 6428 link the servers to the storage solution.

As regards the new environment, Tecnosulfur’s IT Supervisor highlights that the PowerEdge R815 servers offer excellent performance and helped maximize the number of virtual equipment per server. Therefore, the 16 virtual pieces of equipment were allocated in 5 physical hosts, which reduced the servers area by over 50%.

Dell’s EqualLogic PS4000XV iSCSI SAN allows for a flexible virtualized storage with little or no maintenance. The company uses “snapshots” for the simplified backups and self-replication in order to recover data in the event of disasters. The storage is easily scalable by adding storage arrays, without the need for replacements.

End of interruption in production

Since the start-up of this new virtualized environment provided by Dell, Tecnosulfur has not registered any interruption in its production caused by server or system failures. “Now, if a host stops or if an interruption takes place, the work load is automatically transferred to another host server”, says Fonseca, who adds: “We can include the redundancy in our network and eliminate single points of failure. This increases the employees’ productivity as it minimizes the downtime to which they are subject”. In practice, this eliminates the waste of time and resources caused by employee downtime.

“In the recent years, Dell carried out a series of acquisitions aiming at offering IT end-to-end solutions to its clients. This project for Tecnosulfur reflects the path Dell has been following, offering end-to-end and tailored-made offers to meet the needs of each market”, says Daniel Neiva, Mid-Market Sales Director of Dell Brasil. “Our commitment is, through technology, help our clients, of the most several sizes and sectors, to grow and prosper”, he adds.

SOURCE: http://www.tiinside.com.br/17/09/2012/tecnosulfur-quadruplica-capacidade-de-armazenamento/os/299863/news.aspx